the ultimate Kinks tribute band!

the ultimate Kinks tribute band!


Now available from all major download sites (iTunes, Amazon etc), our new double A side singles collection;

 Death Of A Clown / Lola  

 Sunny Afternoon / Dandy

 You Really Got Me / Tired Of Waiting For You


New, fully remastered 30 track, greatest hits album available to download from 30th September 2011 


Look out for our second 19 track tribute album "The KINKS ReKovered" which is OUT NOW! on all major download sites (iTunes,, Amazon etc) 

"The Kinks Rekovered" by The KINX  has been digitally recorded using todays recording techniques whilst remaining faithful to the 60's sound and feel of each song. This will be available at all Kinx gigs. A must not just for Kinks fans but for all 60's music fans in general. Ask for a copy at the next gig.


The 19 track album "A Tribute to The Kinks" by THE KINX is available on iTunes, and all other download sites. 


A Tribute to the Kinks (volume 1) ALBUM TRACKS

You really got me, Tired of waiting for you, Till the end of the day, Where have all the good times gone, Waterloo sunset, Picture book, Sunny afternoon, I need you, A well respected man, Dedicated follower of fashion, Victoria, Lola, All day and all of the night, Days, Death of a clown, See my friends, David Watts, Dead end street, Set me free